Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to make Korean Children Grow Taller... (Here is another insecurity we can use to empty your pocketbook)

It has been a week of new businesses opening up. It has been like a revolving door, watching some businesses fail and within a few weeks, someone else comes to the neighborhood. People haven't given up hope here. With every new business opening, the neighborhood watches to see how they are going to try to attract your attention. So out come the go-go dancers, the big balloons, the huge floral wreaths and they give it a go.
We all have seen so many things that are marketed solely based to deal with the gnawing insecurities that are used to afflict us throughout our lives. Looking good is important to the world. It is often those outward things that are used to gain favor with the world around us. This has made plastic surgeons rich, the cosmetic industry stable, dentists smile, and the diet industry benefit from the blossoming waist lines around the world. So with everyone trying to look like everyone else to have a sense of belonging, why on earth would this also not apply to height? Asians are not known for being incredible tall, and since height has now also been tied to success, why not create a product to make people taller? Outside of shoe lifts and higher heels, one company has done that. I was stunned. Imagine if you could market to short parents...and tell them, you had a miracle product that if used early enough, say around puberty, you could make their children grow taller. Never mind genetics. DNA, what is that? Just put on these special shoes, and within a couple of years, your child will grow. I guarantee it. I just could not believe the endorsements for this product, that actually got it to market here in South Korea. Of course the children going to grow taller during puberty! My son, was able to achieve a height greater than his parents because the tall genes were going to win from my side of the family. Why? Because mothers are always right. No special shoes were needed to enhance my son's growth.
I looked at this shop and watched the video that continuously played. Taller children were walking over to a smaller child on a basketball court and laughing at the child. I marvelled at the tactic, preying on the fears and insecurities of the weak. It's done everyday, from the moment a child has their first confrontation by a bully in a playground to the bullies of the boardrooms across the globe. It's life and it can be tough out there.
The openings continue with two dancing mascots for a local coffee shop. They gladly posed for me. In English, I said, "Smile for the camera!" One of guys said, "But you can't see our faces!" I said, "I may not be able to see your faces, but I still can tell if you you smiling or not." It's all in the attitude. Now, I need to see if I can get some of those special shoes...I would like to grow a little taller too.

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