Thursday, August 27, 2009

Words are just words, perhaps...

It is at times amazing what you see when your eyes are open. There are a lot of people who wear t-shirts in other languages they don't speak, most of the t-shirts in Korea are riddled with misspellings, advertisements lifted off of web short they are walking billboards transmitting messages that are lost in translation. It is more compelling to me when the message is worn by someone that just appears lost in their own world. Somehow, this woman seemed to be the perfect person to wear this message to "Believe in Love".
The simple things in life, like watching a little girl cross the barriers to play in the fountain, not caring if she gets drenched in the process. Most of us want to be that little girl, straining to touch the water on a hot day. However, we sit on the bench and watch others get wet The laughter of this one child carried a pitch throughout the courtyard. A laugh that was just pure joy.
It is when you realize that half of the time most people walk around with blinders on their eyes, too busy to see something beautiful and rare as the blooms of a sunflower on an urban street...that make you stop and gaze. You know it won't last for seasons change, so the wise ones stop. Everyone else goes on in a hurry, because that is what life demands of us.
I decided to throw a video, up on the end of this post. It isn't the preferred version with Downey walking around the mansion just after going through his drug hell, but the words are what a lot of people feel after they have lived a while. People have to want love in order to have love and sometimes, wanting it is just isn't enough.

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