Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Have Some Cake....It's your Birthday...."

Go ahead, have some cake with me, it's my birthday. At the Cherbourg Live Cafe, with its red velvet booths, stage lights and distinct feeling of a disco I walked in, alone...don't ask me why, but birthdays are not something I party nor do I cry about. Still, I felt good as the server and I spoke about travels and adventures. He had lived in Poland for 4 years and had good command of the English language.
Before I arrived at Cherbourg, I found the oddest tiles. They were out of place and didn't seem to fit in with the surroundings. Like three little wall flowers on a wall by the lift.

The strange thing about these three darlings, is they didn't even fit with each other. It was strange enough to catch my eye and I dropped my bag and captured though they were a hidden message for something else. I smiled as though I found a trophy without the hunt, now it was time for a meal. And as I looked up at the Cherbourg Live Cafe, it was one of those times where I should have just went right in, instead of the two other places I went to. That is the strange thing about me, I will walk right into a place...look around, and if I don't like it...I just walk out.

I suppose most people are really that way, but still, it is like going into someone's home and walking right out. If the feeling isn't right, there really isn't much you can do about it. I honestly don't know what it was about the was a cross between disco and cheesy. The interior screamed out 1970s with a 1990s twist. In other words...a great set for a Quentin Tarantino movie. I could picture John Travolta in the place. That is just how wonderfully tacky it was. You just expect something to happen here.

Back to the server, who also motioned to a slip of paper where I could make a song request...anything I wanted he told me. "Anything?" I thought to myself how obscure could I make this? What three songs would you pick in South Korea? So I wrote down my list.
At Last, Etta James, My Man (Mon Homme) by Billie Holliday and an easy one...anything by Abba (don't give me grief folks...some 1970s disco music to go with the decor).

Within 3 seconds...I heard "Momma Mia" piping through. Yes, he smiled as if he had found the cure for cancer. Ah, the marvel of the is that easy to have whatever you want at your finger tips. In any event I sipped my drink with great appreciation and cheerfully listened to the songs play one after the other. God, I love Jazz, but the mood was erased when the oddly familiar sound of the Korean version of "Happy Birthday" came piping through. Good and just nod. Relief was about to come...judging by the looks of the lone guitar hero...I wasn't quite sure what I was going to hear. Close your eyes...remember there was this guy with dark sunglasses...Roy Orbison...who had a voice...well, if you don't remember or know of his music kiddies. For those of you who do remember....go one step further...picture him singing in Korean. Roy was not the glam kind of guy, but he had an amazing voice.

Korean Roy... had stage presence like you wouldn't believe. And I am thinking...I can't believe I am listening to this guy sing! And to finish...he pulled off a great rendition of The Beatles....'Let it Be' (In English).

No matter where in the world you are. Walk out the door and go do something. This was the best way to end my vacation...on my birthday.

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