Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coffee &....

I have a moment to breathe as I am brewing my coffee (OK that is a lie, I am a boiling the water for one of those coffee sticks that is supposed to be coffee) to go over some of the images from this past weekend. I really should sleep more, but I fear I am going to have to cut back on the coffee and tea I consume. That is another lie. I love coffee and as much as I appreciate tea, there is something about coffee, that being the high dose of caffeine that is supposed to be bad for me, that I just seem to say why the hell should I give it up? Which lead me to this not so unusual find. Really, it was never unusual to see in the past, an intersection with a Starbucks on each corner. I used to think it was an over saturated market, until I came to Daegu. I was used to seeing streets lined with coffee shops, and never really paid much attention until today. As I was sitting in the middle of a square I saw four coffee two floors high...not unusual, as I sat there sipping my coffee from another venue.

I wondered how many shots I could get without getting up...and then I looked closer and couldn't help but laugh...I found the "Coffee &...." corner. Coffee and donuts, Coffee and drink (well isn't that what you do to coffee...or maybe an added pinch of something?) and my favorite...

"Coffee and Coffee". In case you didn't get it the first time, but as you can guess...the smallest coffee shop, is Coffee and Coffee. For those who don't want to go inside the other two shops...essentially a coffee stand wedged in betwixt the two massive empires. Count on the person with little time to keep this business afloat in coffee.

I also located Super Korean No. 1. Which for some reason brought to mind the sudden influx of Pepsi products here in South Korea. I mean, now would Pepsi tie in the Korean flag to their own product??? Say it isn't so....but one thing I do notice is that South Korea seems to remind me more and more like the US was back in the 1980s....they are finding their inner material girl.

Damn shame.

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