Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Public Service Announcement From The Youth of the World

Forgive me, I am a woman.  Forgive me, I am a bit naive.  Forgive me, I ask a lot of questions without the need to deceive.  I just wanted to ask all of you out there, perhaps you are in the choir, but for those of you who sing a long to this song...this is kind of directed to those who don't see eye-to-eye with us.  I want to ask how has peace ever come from war?  I can't think of a necessary war, not really.  Most of the wars would or could not have happened if they went unfunded within the last 100 years.  How much is life worth?  How much could be done if we allocated our resources towards getting ourselves off of oil?  Maybe that is what the oil-rich countries are afraid of.  That we would not need them, that we would use less of them and perhaps collaborate more towards a positive future.

If we learned to be self reliant instead of dependent, think of all of the things we could get done and how exciting that might be to build and create with each other instead of having enterprises emphasizing our differences, and though they are bad things.  Really, do we want everyone to be the same?  With the same thoughts, the same beliefs, the same everything when we need our more than ever.

So dark, the media in the west seems to appear.  Fights for money and not for life.  Fights over pensions, taxes, wages...between class systems that are driven by one tool.  A tool that has been given life to take away or add to our lives.  A thing has been given power over the breathing people who have a pulse and don't realize how important being an individual is.  A tool that is fought over instead of shared.  A thing that rules even the elite and moneyed classes.  How far we have to go that we would given intelligence to a hammer and not retain any wisdom.  A thing that has taken lives to pay others to take lives not because war is noble, but because it is paid for.

That we give so little thought to the youth of this age who remind us that "Peace is OURS...IF we want it."  That would mean for all of us.  Revenge?  What good is it?  Revenge can only come back time and time again for it is never satisfied. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.  Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.  (Emerson)

When will we rise up out of the dark ages and stop our blood sacrifices to our gods?  Be those gods of money, material, profits and religion or power, take down those sacrifice pits.  Blood spilled for nothing.  Wasted lives that we have no concept of how rare and precious each life is.  YOU were a ONE in a 300,000 Billion shot (Amram Scheinfeld)!  Each life is beyond calculation as far as potential impact.  So why are we told we have to BE like each other?  Oh what opportunities we miss when we fail to see and realize we all are needed.
So on this beautiful day, as I looked at the sunrise and noticed people around me.  Having their own thoughts, dreams and duties I thought of these words by Emerson, and this portion of an essay called, "Self Reliance".  I am glad he wrote them in a time where we were not so politically correct. 

There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide;
that he must take himself
for better
for worse
as his portion, that through the wide universe is full of good
no kernal of nourishing can come to him,
but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till.
The power which resides in him is new in nature,
and none but he knows what that is which he can do,
nor does he know until he has tried.

Simply put, YOU want what exactly you want for yourself.  It takes just one to stop repeating messages of hate and revenge.  To be able to see and be who you are and not be a 'joiner'.  You can be a third rate copy of your idols or a first rate  Imitation is not flattery.  It steals from everything you could be.  

This world needs you, the authentic version now more than ever.  You have to accept yourself and quite trying to be what you believe others want you to be.  Seek yourself and you will find where your heart is.  I think if people really looked, they would find that the universe IS good, and if we realized that would we need to go to war with anyone?  What do you want?  Why waste the shot we have been given to be here.  300,000 Billion to One...what odds for each one of us!


awitchtrying said...

Lovely! I've always wondered about war, I mean, it's "always been here". And people tell me it's human nature. Bullshit! Loving our children, our neighbors, and ourselves is human nature. War is one of the things wrenching us away from what is natural.

I've always seen war like this: If a neighbor borrowed something and wouldn't return it, or if they had a tree I wanted moved but they wouldn't do it, if we just couldn't seem to come to an agreement, then I would have to give my daughter a gun and send her over to kill that neighbor's kid. I don't have to tell her why and certainly whatever frivolous thing I argued with the neighbor over is more important than life, right?

So if that sounds crazy, why do we put up with war? And if we're such a "powerful" country, why DO we feel the need for revenge? Shouldn't we be leaders, shouldn't we show a better way? But no, we're caught up in school-yard politics, everyone wants to "get-em back" even though they don't know exactly who they're "getting" or why any of this is happening. I am truly frightened by people who can justify war to themselves, who see it as necessary.

It's simply an un-evolved mess. There is no possible outcome of any war that could be worth the life of one person. And we're not "fighting for peace". Everything we fight against only gains momentum. I used to think, when I was little, that war might be about shifting balances, somehow, to bring peace. I guess that was the only way it could have made sense. Now I know I was giving it too much credit. It's an utter waste of so many things: Life, time, resources, money...

It really all does come to that, doesn't it? War is a money machine for some so when will the rest see that and refuse to allow it?

Marilyn said...

To answer your final question, from personal experience...when you hear 'blood money' echo in your ears...and refuse to cash the checks...or to pay for it anymore. That was my choice. Each person has to find their own way. I can only say I have no regrets.

No Wussies said...

In a word - men. And women allowing men to act like children. Women wanting more things so that men feel like they must keep supplying more and more resources. There is a very warped sense of happiness in the west - one that is unfulfilling and unsatisfying. I truly believe that peace in our time is mainly up to the women. We need to say we have enough and we are enough. We owe it to our children. We owe them some balance. Time to protect life in all its forms.

Marilyn said...

Tracey, ah...and we have a female Secretary of State, our second one...and women who have been in power around the world...Germany, our Senate, the House...who started off with noble efforts, and somehow, someway were converted to think that we must protect at any cost...our children by being embedded with fears and those fears are transmitted to an eager public. Protection is isolation and really puts up walls. Walls need to come down with the fears as well...

Fear, hate, and war/violence equates to disaster.

Is that what we need? Protection doesn't bring us closer actually tears us apart. It makes us fail to reason and it fails to address the real source of resentment of all parties involved. Remember the need always for all parties to save face, to have their self concepts restored because no one wants to admit fault.

A wise nation rules without a heavy hand, without force and the people prosper.

A way has to be made for all to be able to sit at a table that has no hate on the menu.

YogaSavy said...

Happiness, Contentment, Respect and Non Judgmental has been lost. The society we see these days are full of wants, I,. Everyone fighting that piece of something and what is that something most do not know......

Marilyn said...

...but all is not lost. We still breathe...and those wants, well, they can be met if we realize that they will never be met through our darkness. We just have to stop being afraid of each other.