Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Naturally Nature

As I left behind the Pearl River Delta in the Guangdong province, migrating north through the beautiful city of Guangzhou, I decided that I would capture the moments I saw on my long journey. I had no idea how starved my eyes were for the scenes of nature after living in Nanjing for nearly six months. The man-made structures are indeed beautiful, but there is no comparison to what the earth provides for us all. Man can only provide for some.
The landscapes breathe out the simple beauty and harmony as I looked out at the Pearl River and all of the waters that feed her.
So as I left, I tried to keep these images in my mind. The beauty. The calm. The depth.
The humble fishing boats in the haze of a setting sun.
And the fields that shout their bounty without making a single sound. This is the real treasure, the reality of the harmony we should all see in those moments when our man-made structures seem to get in the way. This is the beauty of China that few ever get to see. My eyes did not tire looking at her.


lilasvb said...

thanks you so much for your beautifull comment and for your so nice pictures! i was touch!

Marilyn said...

You are so welcome...there is a great opportunity to do so much along the journey.

Marla said...

The photos are amazing. We have two family members teaching in China and they never want to leave there. The stories they tell of the people are beautiful, nothing like the media often portrays.

Thanks for sharing this.

Marilyn said...

Maria...your family is correct. I try to tell people, but I felt I had to go one step further and show people. I am glad you stopped by.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous images - so peaceful! I am glad that you have shared this bit of China with us. A treasure indeed.

Marilyn said...

And I adore the images of Egypt you share as well on your beautiful blog.