Friday, February 7, 2014

A Chateau in France for 10 Euros

In France, to love money is evil.  To give the poor a chance of owning a home for 10 Euros (approximately $14 USD based on today's rate of exchange)?  A beautiful woman who was trying to sell her home for what she needed/wanted wasn't able to secure her asking price.  So, she consulted with her lawyer and decided to hold a contest.  You pay 10 Euros via PayPal.  She sends you two questions.  If you are the winner, you get the home 

Sounds simple?  Well, it reminded me of the classic mythology where you are asked a question.  The wisest answer will win, not the smartest one.

If you feel like helping this lovely woman out, enter the contest.  Use your best French.

And, for a moment, be like me, a co-owner in this house with a vested interest until that day when a winner is declared.

Bon Chance!

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Tor Hershman said...

Your Hippie-Self 'tis most sensuously stimulating ;-)