Friday, October 14, 2011

Silver and Gold

Irony according to Fowler's.  "Irony is a form of utterance that postulates a double audience, consisting of one party that hearing shall hear & shall not understand, & another party that, when more is meant than meets the ear, is aware both of that more & of the outsiders' incomprehension.

No.  That doesn't quit work.  I comprehended what was placed before me.  As a matter of fact, I became rather excited.  After wading through the months of stomach churning thought of ever working for two entities, government or corporation, I found a rebel organization with a capitalistic cause.  Not for the sake of profit alone, but the sake of really helping others secure their future in a way that can protect their families.

I smiled.  It feels like being Robin Hood singing an Olivia Newton-John song,  "Let's get physical".  It's knowing that it really isn't too late.  It's not about doom or gloom, but I smiled as I found loop holes around prospective reclamation acts.  Think about it.  A way to do what you need to do without worrying about privacy and having a government take away what was set aside for profit. 

This isn't a commercial, but what I am saying is that happiness, feels good. It feels like a rung, a step towards a bigger dream which, goes well beyond the tools of acquisition. 

My invisible road has been a strange one.  It's taking through all of the different elements of life.  It's giving, receiving, learning how to ask and learning how to listen to others and yourself. 

What makes me happy, is just knowing inside that even using material tools, you have an opportunity to do something much more than working towards safety and security.  I think the coolest dreams have always been when you incorporate others and just let yourself create.   When your ego doesn't matter, when competition isn't the goal, you get a vision that 's a choir when you become selfless.

One step at a time.  One smile at a time.  One vision at a time, until we can all be free.

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