Thursday, January 14, 2010

Religious Relic of St Vitus Cathedral

I like to be more timely in my posts, however, getting adjusted and settling into Prague, in combination with the obligations I have signed on for here have been challenging at times. Like trying to understand how and why things are done the way they are done has been at times somewhat amusing. The real world events of the Haitian earthquake has also dampened my enthusiasm for sharing my side ventures...which seem pathetic at this time. Human suffering never seems to stop for a moment. So many tell us to pray, but to what? So it kind of seemed appropriate that I happened to see St Vitus Cathedral in Prague. It seems like an artifact of the darkness I now associate with religion. Religion likes to blame things on perceived sins. Was it sin that causes children to die from the mounds of earth that shifted in an area that had not known an earthquake in over 200 years??? Do we need to blame something or someone for tragedy? So as I looked as this rendition of the ark of the covenant, I realized the full symbology of how this symbol was to protect and strengthen all of those who would battle in the name of a god, as long as this ark was before the warring army, giving false courage to those who would raise their weapons against others. Well, my thoughts on war have been long abandoned, but I still ponder how people are manipulated through many means. It usually is in the most malicious ways, using those things we love and cherish to serve their ambitions. It is at those points, we are so much like sheep.

Still, I found signs of Paris in Prague. In a cafe, the Eiffel looked at me. Through the snow excreting skies, I saw the tip of the replica calling me.
I still am beginning my journey to discover this city, this jewel that has just started to taste freedom again. Just a beautiful journey. I realize that more and more each day.


Katherine Jenkins said...

Amazing pictures Marilyn and it seems like you are having a great experience there. Yes, I feel so small and powerless in the world after the earthquake in Haiti. I have a very good friend who is Haitian who just returned from there. She encouraged me that big things were solved by small gestures. I wrote about her on my blog. Marilyn,you have touched me with your letters and writing and travels and that is big to me. There's something waiting for you over on my blog. Peace and happy travels, Kathy

Marilyn said...

Thank you Katherine. I know you are going through your journeys as well. I will stop by...Namaste