Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

It was with complete amazement that I heard the sound of beauty in the Metro Tunnels of Paris on New Year's Eve. I guess I am a huge softy as I wanted to cry hearing this beautiful music in the most austere conditions that the Paris Metros can be. There was no second guessing myself as I pulled out my camera in wonder to capture the magic of this moment. The mood was high, as if the whole of the city could not wait for 2009 to be over and done with. In the transit of the day, as people were rushing off to celebrate, there were no fireworks at the Eiffel this year.
Here this group came together with open instrument cases and the passion of their gifted hands. It was with wonder I listened in the crossroads on Metro lines 1 and 4...too brilliant for this scene, like displaced art that made me want to move it to a different venue. The venue didn't seem to bother them, because the joy of just being able to play poured out of these young talents.
As I continued on in the night as the revelry continued with life pouring in and out of the metros I made it over to Jim Hayne's flat once again, and brought in the New Year with new friends from across the world...a cross road, a way point for the curious people of life.
Happy New Year from Paris...Life is beautiful at times...and this is one of those times.

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