Thursday, October 8, 2009

A sign post or two

I had meant to write about a friend of mine a couple of months ago when I met her, being newly repatriated to Korea. She has spent the last five years in France. She was originally studying at a University in a technical area. While in Paris, she found her passion and became a chef, eventually even working at the famed, Le Cordon Bleu, in Paris. My joy, of finally meeting a Korean who knows red wine is served at room temperature! All joking aside, I always find it a pleasure to meet someone who follows their passion in life. So it was an immense pleasure to find her working as a chef in Club That (one of my favorite expat haunts in Daegu). We sat down and spoke briefly during one of her breaks, and I listened as the French flowed with perfection. Five years she managed to stay, but the day came when the visas dried up and forced her return home.
So as I turn from the talk of wine and food, I happened to look up tonight at what appeared to me as the largest net work of spider webs I had ever seen produced. Usually you see the small web with a solitary territorial spider. Perhaps, it has been my state of mind, but I actually stopped and admired it. I observed how all of these spiders came together, linking their webs, not even having to compete with each other. There seemed to be an endless stream of activity generated by the lights. There was no lack or were there shortages that could be observed. On their own, I doubt that such a massive web could have been constructed by just one spider.

No dear people, no one ever achieves anything of greatness on their own...ever.

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