Sunday, October 18, 2009

H1N1 Vaccinations Begin in Daegu

I awoke to the sound of a crowd under my window. I noticed the cue was milling about was all older, every single one of them. I ran out the door and finally saw the purpose of this new building that literally was built in about 6 months. They had finally opened for business. In Korea, they don't call this the H1N1 virus, they call it SI. And SI has been a huge scare for the population.
The parking lot overflowed, not with cars, but people.

The normally quite patience I had observed was filled with chatter and face masks.

These shots from my window.

This clinic is about a block away from where I live, the cues wrapping around to the front of the building. Again, only the elder population being vaccinated.
They were arriving by any means possible, congregating to get this vaccination.

I know there has been a lot said about this virus. Even more said about the vaccine.

What I do know is that the cue has come right to my door. Many questions that seem to surface. What seems to be stated is that there doesn't seem to be enough research into a good vaccination. Is this vaccination is truly needed for a flu that seems both mild, and not outside the norm of annual flu seasons to vaccinate populations all over the world? Are populations being forced against their will to take a vaccination that has not been thoroughly tested or is suspect?

What are the consequences for exercising your free will and refusing? Here in Korea, they trust their government, they trust their health care system, and they are getting the vaccination en masse.

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