Monday, June 4, 2012

Solar Eclipses, Full Moon and the Transit of Venus. Why do we pay attention to these celestial movements?

The skies of Minnesota seem to at times rob us of the more spectacular views.  Our winters are famous for the seasons of gray clouds that serve to insulate us, but leave us begging for a glimpse of the sun.  Not so this last winter, but we seem to be getting our clashes of arctic air confronting warm air masses when we get into warmer weather.  I always loved watching the drama in the skies.  The dragon's belly clouds that just seem pregnant with possible tornado activity, still, calm, and awesome in its appearance.
 Our view of the solar eclipse this year could only be viewed through special film or glasses, so to us, did it or didn't it happen?  Much like the transit of Venus that is occurring.  None of us will be able to view it with the naked eye, but perhaps on the Helio viewer we may get a peek.  There is a lot of chatter about the Transit of Venus, that happens in pairs that span about 7.5 years apart about once every 100 years.  Astrologers are talking about love, and if that were true, then it seems that the last transit ended a marriage for me, and this one?  Seriously, I am just joking.  If we were at the mercy of the stars, then I would believe this would be a more ordered world.  Or is it that there is far more chaos in the Universe than we realize?
With a full moon obscuring the view of a normally well populated night sky, I fend off the mosquitoes, or try to.  I look around and just see everything in balance.  I breathe.  I note the smell of the earth and don't miss the urban or suburban.

Enjoy the transit of Venus, even if you don't see it, someone will show you pictures to ensure you do.

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