Sunday, May 27, 2012

Knowing You Google Style

Those of you who blog on Blogger, quite possibly were surprised to see these new tools that track views and locales of your audience.  What I was surprised to find was that Google had been tracking them since its inception.  Often a writer fears there is no one looking at them, perhaps you are talking to a wall, let alone worry about any other insecurities that may come.  Even though I have been relatively inactive, people were still coming, still reading and finding me through search engines.  Instead of being jaded about technology, I just kind of realized that this is more lasting than I had even began to realize. 

My goal was simple, just share the journey, perspective, emotions, and finds along the way.  Ask absurd questions, learn, grow and love people.  More importantly, share everything in a transparent way.  Too many people give up on their blogs, perhaps because they are wanting to live off of kudos, comments, or are perhaps too market driven.  Whatever the reason, sometimes it's good to have the same goal that Henry Miller set out with when he left for Paris..."just touch one person".  In the not too distant past, we could only touch others through being published.  Today, we can touch anyone in the world, no matter what belief system, race, political affiliation, language, age, education level or eye color. 

So, whomever you are, wherever you are--thank you for your visit.  I hope you enjoy what you read, find what you are looking for and please come and visit again.

I will try to be in good voice.  The topic is life.

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