Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walking in Duluth

Sometimes, you just need to go home.  Home for many is a difficult word, often charged with emotion, it's our place of deepest vulnerability.  The word 'home' isn't really about a physical location, but a representation of love, safety, security and family.  The very word, 'family' has changed a lot in America.  I started thinking about my own use of family, as I have reconnected with people who have been out of my life for some 20-odd years.  It seems it has become easier for us to disconnect with our homes when the reasons are career driven.  It's what's been expected in this country.  At first, for the men to go out into the world and make their way in life.   It's a strange kind of way, when you think about it, but it's like a massive test of survival of the fittest, and no youth wanted to return home with failure etched on their faces.  Success had many different definitions, such as making it through university studies, going through an apprenticeship and for some, completion of military training.  Failure was not an option.  Now, there are others that went forward without a real plan in their life, but still, went out to make their fortunes or just settled in for a nice quiet life of hating their jobs, but loving their families (the lucky ones).  Some people actually have that optimistic expectation that everything will work out.  The balance sheets of their lives are filled with the contentment of having just enough.  There is nothing right or wrong about the pursuits of life.  In a strange way, we were so used to throwing our young in the world with such blind faith, because we wanted to trust in the lessons we imparted to them about this world.  We want to see them fly and we know that you can't hold on to that child as they spread their wings and start that journey.   I had ask myself what part did I enough the most with my journey?  I guess if I were to be honest, I had so much confidence in myself that I didn't even think about flying, I just flew.  I flew higher and higher and watched my head along the way.  I was busy being free as a bird and time passes.  Maybe that made me blind.  Maybe that made me a bit selfish, but what a view. 

I wanted to share these views, and I know that I don't know many of you who read my blog from all over the world.  Some of you I only know from what you have shared on your pages.  Some of you only post pictures, and others share their very real struggles with life.  Not all of us have our victories, some have tried to figure out how to figure it all out, as if someone was keeping a great big secret from us.  Others blame a god, and others blame themselves far too much for the strangest things, like not saying a prayer or meditating or some of form of self selected torture.  I love laughing in those moments, because it's one of those days when I think I finally get it.  Don't worry, I will lose it again and search for it again because we are flawed.  Our memory is greatest flaw.  It's precisely what makes us stupid at times, because there is no denying that we won't keep up with technology.  We perfect it up until there is a point where is no need for us to use our minds.  The old adage "use it or lose it" didn't cover when technology replaces us. 
 Are you enjoying the walk so far?  I did.  The crisp clear air, the purest I could find in this world, where there are no vehicles, in this preserved area in my home state, made me realize none of these things are important without a home.  I have seen a lot of our destruction around the world.  What I mean by "our" destruction, is that we have to be accountable as humanity.  My state isn't immune, and though we have over 20,000 lakes (officially) our water is threatened by corporate polluters.  The natives here,  are very well aware that some things should have a price.  This our home and its priceless.  I said that to myself a few times.  I just wanted to hold that thought.  Home. 
I said the word a few more times, and it sank in.  I have heard many points of view when it comes to climate change or whatever you want to call it, I can't ignore my senses.  This isn't about laying a guilt trip on anyone, for the basic citizens of this world do an incredible amount.  It's our corporations that don't do so well.  Finger pointing at governments aren't going to anything, sorry, but for them, throwing a carbon tax isn't going to provide any real solutions.  The people know this already.  What we can't figure out is how come our governments are so afraid of this clean technology that already exists? 
I can't think of how many times I have seen hydro and solar technologies consistently reinvent themselves, because that is the heart of the people searching for answers.  We have a new kind of denial happening around the western world, so it kind of amazes me to see that we really do have all we need and we are afraid of letting go. 

There is something strange about people who have a need to be superior to others, they wind up being inferior in every possible way.  They fear humanity and try to control it.  They would rather destroy instead of create.  They don't always like
 superior technology, instead, often opting for what will frequently break so consumers (not people) will have to replace these items.  Humanity is seen as something to manage, what I am glad to say I have learned, is we all truly have the ability to self manage.  We know there isn't good in this world, and for many of us that definition has a wide range.

So instead of walking alone Dylan Way, I thought I would share the woods and the ridges of a quiet and friendly town called Duluth, Minnesota.  It's February, the snows haven't been normal. 
I watched the ice flows on Lake Superior and at night saw the stars I had missed from my youth.  I would say they are the clearest here, but to be honest, the stars should always look the clearest from home. 
In my family, a new generation is growing up, and I haven't been disappointed by them.  They ask hard questions.  They're only hard if you lie.  I used to believe that not hurting someone was the answer.  I really believe, you only hurt someone when you deceive them intentionally.

The difference of our adults today, is that many of them believe they know and understand the truth, but the reality is, they have someone else validate their thinking through a surrogate, and they are so accustomed to not trusting themselves, they haven't noticed the difference.

I believe the wind blows in the right direction at all times. 
So, with this piece of advice, heeded or not, you can tell just by looking at someone's face.

Whatever you think of, when you think of home, don't forget where you have come from.

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