Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Weight and Measure of a Human Heart

As I departed New York City, I seemed to circle around to see some of the people I needed to see.  I heard from several about how people are arrested for being without a place to go.  I had to walk around and see it for myself, and those that are a bit jaded, and native to the city, I challenge you to talk to these people and hear their stories.  You might be surprised where some of these people were at in their lives.  It reminded me of a sacked Hermes designer that an editor pointed out to me in Paris.  He was faking his appearance through the city, but you could see that horrible and painful look of fear.  You are a criminal if you are poor.  Oh Land of the FREE?  What have you become when you say to send your poor huddled masses for freedom, is it merely for exploitation and prostitution?  I felt anger in my veins.  I swallowed my bile.  For my plans to look harder at the city was cut off by the simple fact that I could myself get incarcerated for wanting to walk among them.  So I went onward to Washington DC.  It is appropriate because officially I am a stateless citizen of my nation.  So technically 16 square miles is the legal territory of my home.
I arrived on a day of silence in the early morning hours.  Saturday, and I was able to go up close and see the places that seemed like an illusion.  Everything seems fake on television to me.  After all if only 16 square miles controls a whole nation I was reminded by the words flapping on a banner, "The people are ruled by CONSENT."  It is through OUR consent that all of this exists.  Though we are reminded that it could be worse, WHY aren't we asking the RIGHT questions?  Why aren't we seeking to really make it better?
A bell, that isn't the liberty bell, but one that made me wonder if we need to ask ourselves a BIT more about what true liberty is.
And then I looked at the Supreme Court.  Half of me wanted to scream at the building, but I realize this symbol of 'justice' is really a form of bastardization.  A placebo.  For if we are limited by our laws how just are we?
And there in the distance was the Capital complete with the restored "Statue of Freedom" on its pinnacle.  This place where our government managed and mismanaged the resources of the people.  Where the Military Industrial Complex rose to power in 1963 and expanded through conflicts and a warped sense of a manifest dominions and destiny to extend its undo power and influence.  I used to think we had to be one world to have peace, and now I see that we simply need to love and appreciate the differences without seeking to control one another.  After all the world has seen what happened and IS HAPPENING through Nazi propaganda.
Don't ever kid yourself.  Their best work is in plain sight.  They don't hide their agenda.  It never ended.  When you have a nation that is controlled through hate and fear of others, what do you have? We have a crisis of the soul right now.  What will you do for a stranger?  For a fellow man or woman?  For someone who is not like you in any way shape of form?

In closing the United Kingdom is setting a precedent by calling for legislation to make homelessness illegal.  This is where we need to weigh and measure our human hearts.  When we equate life to money instead of LIFE, we have become animals.  We no longer deserve to call ourselves human.  Look at the Holocaust museum.  Have we changed yet?

OK darlings, I am walking and talking among them, because someone has to care and speak up for them because ALL life is precious.  DON'T WAIT TO SPEAK.  NO, this IS NOT OK.  People ARE NOT EXPENDABLE.  They are NOT WASTE PRODUCTS and if anyone needs to have their rights defended, they do, and trust me, many of them have given up on life and are WELL educated.    I have been humbled by these people along the way.

Yes, I could have stayed in China.  However, I had to see how ugly we are to our OWN family.  People, I don't have a good report for you.  LOVE starts at home.


YogaSavy said...

Marilyn from your post you seem to be in Washington. You seem to be lost or may be it is just my perception.
Take care

Marilyn said...

Sometimes it is beyond perception...and just listening to the stories that emerge from the asphalt and concrete.

diver41 said...

Marilyn lost? Not the lady that I know and admire.

Marilyn said...

It's good to get lost and it's good to find yourself by seeing others. After all, aren't people just mirrors??? However, if they are, they challenge you to be far more than you thought you capable of...if you listen to the messages. We so often run away from the darkness within, instead of standing up.

So I thank you for the question...